Multi-business Mar-Tom Sp. z o.o. company based in Jędrzejów is an innovative manufacturer of complete metal doors – glazed and technical along with architrave.

The Company was established in 1999. Since 2000 it has been involved in manufacturing external metal doors of diverse design and colour range. Over the past years, the company has acquired a modern machine – tool park, as well as decided to build a new production hall. The investment was completed in June 2011 and currently it houses the whole of production. Currently, we are one of top manufacturers of metal doors in Poland. The recipients of our commercial offer are mainly domestic partners, however, more and more often foreign customers find us.

Company management is based on Lean Management in which the priority is that the customer receives highest quality product, meeting customer requirements, both with regard to aesthetics, functionality, precision of execution and punctuality of receiving a finished product - exactly on time. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to constantly improve all processes taking place at every stage of production.